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Strong financial incentives kick-start UK Solar Market

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is now probably the most accessible form of renewable energy technology.  PV consistently demonstrates reliable commercial-scale energy output.   Now with the new Feed in Tariff (FIT) for solar installations below 5mW, Solar PV can deliver sound return on investment for minimal risk. Returns for installations on buildings can be anything from 7% - 8% yearly and larger-scale ground installations can deliver up to 12%.  Land rentals for a 5mW installation could be in the region of £60,000 per annum. PV panels and associated equipment are now relatively simple to install and warranties are now possible between 20 – 25 years.  PV is also the only renewable technology that has permitted development rights when fitted to residential property.

Let Green Energy (eu) Ltd guide you from start to finish

Green Energy (eu) Ltd can provide an end-to-end solution for you: from Design & Planning, through Installation to Operation. We would be delighted to talk to you.

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UK Market News:

UK market for solar power

Solar takes off!

As a consequence of the feed-in tariff announcement, the UK Solar market growth last year from April 2010 was 1600% (96mW in 2010 from 6mW in 2009).

This is expected to stabilise until 2014 at 150% per year (i.e. 143 mW in 2011, 214 in 2012 etc.).

This makes the UK the fastest growing solar market now in Europe.

The UK is also currently the only country to have a legally binding target to cut greenhouse emissions by 80-% by 2050.

Solar roof installation

Home Owner Benefits of Solar

Solar energy generates electricity for your own use as well as for export to the grid.  The Feed-in tariff (FiT) is index-linked and tax free for 25 years and therefore represents a serious investment as well as money-saving opportunity. Since the FiT was introduced, 97% of solar installations has been on residential property.

Solar installation on chicken shed roof

Land-owner benefits from solar

We can install Solar systems on roofs of buildings or on land, enabling you to make use of the electricity you generate as well as allowing you to export what you do not use at an attractive rate that is index-linked for 25 years.  Solar installations also count towards commercial carbon reduction commitments (CRCs). On some types of industrial and farm units, the electricity generated is far in excess of that consumed by the building meaning more can be exported to the grid. Land-based installations are attractive to people with up to 12 hectares (approximately the surface required to generate 5mW, which is the limit for the FiT).

Commercial Benefits from Solar

Solar installations for commercial properties include the following benefits:

Commercial PV installation
  1. Reduce your carbon output reducing your CRC burden
  2. Become self sufficient for your electricity requirements
  3. Reduce your electricity costs
  4. Produce an income return based on investment amount
  5. Promote green credentials

The feed-in tariff announced in April 2010 is really a game-changer in terms of offering meaningful payback to smaller commercial investors (i.e. under 5mW) in solar, offering an indexed linked attractive rate gurarnteed for 25 years.

Solar Installation by a roadside

Public Sector Benefits from Solar

Solar Installations on Public sector property or land demonstrates responsibility towards Carbon reduction commitments and keeping energy costs down.  They provide a visible commitment and example to others to reduce energy consumption and show responsibility towards the environment. The public sector is also able to leverage scale economies by installing solar across properties (for example residences) and benefitting from the tariff as well as being able to offer attractive electricity consumption charges to its tenants.

Why Green Enegy Solar Ltd?

Green Energy (eu) Ltd plans, designs, supplies, installs and operates Solar PV systems for feed-in tariff installations for the building business, the private commercial and public sector. Contact us for more details. 

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     Business Case  
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  • Solar Installation Installation  
  • Feed-in tariff operation Operation  

Helping you make a case...

In our "Getting Started" section you will find our methodology for making a business case including our Solar PV Calculator. This business case stage includes reviewing your overall energy use as there is little point generating power, only to be tipping it away elsewhere. Green Energy (eu) Ltd is uniquely placed in the market to be able to evaluate other energy usage and recommend savings strategies that can reduce overall consumption from between 10 - 75% depending on the problems you are facing and the possible solutions.

Planning for your installation

See our "Getting Started" section for the steps required in planning for your installation and site planning considerations. A complete review of your installation site is essential, not only to assess its orientation towards the sun, local obstruction and reflection considerations and seasonal issues, but also to check the suitability of the intended installation surface and critically, to ensure there will be no planning issues.

Note that our "Site Planning" phase can also involve an audit of your other energy usage to determine further savings you can make elsewhere. (No point in generating electricity in one place to waste it in another).

A Strong, reliable supply chain of quality components

How reliable is their supply chain?  Other European countries have seen demand spikes that have compromised either supply, the quality of parts supplied or their price.  You need a supplier with a reliable, high quality, reasonably priced supply chain. See our "Reliable Supply Chain" section to see how we meet the challenges of the huge demand for solar.

MCS Accredited Installation

Are your installers MCS accredited?  To qualify for the Feed-in tariff you must have your installation put in by an MCS accredited installer. These are currently in short supply in the UK and you need a supplier who can provide approved installers in a timely manner. In our "MCS Accredited Installers" section you will see the importance of accreditation and how Green Energy Solar Ltd is able to both certify and supply MCS-accredited installers for your Solar installation.

Operation of the Feed-in Tariff

Green Energy Solar is able to plan, apply-for and operate your feed-in tariff as part of its end-to-end solar service to clients. This means that we deal with obtaining the connection to the grid, as well as the negotiations with the energy supplier to operate the tariff, leaving you free to run your business and enjoy the return on your investment. See also our "Solar PV Calculator" we use in our initial planning stages which becomes essential in the later "Business Case Realisation" stages post implementation.